Leah M. Parker (abloodyfantasy) wrote in superchick_rox,
Leah M. Parker

Hello! I'm Leah!

I feel very out of place posting in here,
I couldn't help myself though.
I just joined and lets just say I was having a very very bad day and then I stumbled across this community, I have never joined one before but Superchick is definitly worth trying somthing new.
They are an awsome band (as I'm sure you all know if you are in this community)...just went to one of there concerts last months and I got to meet them because the word of the concert didn't get out I guess and there wernt many people there wich I know is very unusual for Superchick. But anyways... they are just as awsome in real life as there songs reflect...I just wanted to post my respect for the band.
There lyrics have showed me God at some very though times and at many points saved my life...
So Superchick,

Love, Leah
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